About us

Youth and Democracy in the Americas Youth and Democracy in the Americas is a non- profit organization 501 c (3) founded in 2018 in Miami Florida by Cecilia Navas a Florida National University Alumni. She called this organization “Youth and Democracy in the Americas” for the Strengthening of the Democracies in the region, with the support of the students of different Universities of the United States, Valentina Palm, is an FIU Student and Daniel Rodriguez is a San Ignacio University Alumni. They also produced the First Forum for the Strengthening of the Democracies of the Americas in 2018. This promotion has been accomplished by the celebration of the "Youth and Democracy in the Americas: Facing New Generations" annual forum, where students and politicians from all over the west hemisphere congregate to discuss topics related to democracy. Since the begin our organization has counted with the support of the Secretary General of the Organization of American States, the FIU Jack D. Gordon Institute for Public Policy, and the FIU Kimberly Green Latin American and Caribbean Center.

Our Objective

Promoting values and democratic principles with the goal of serving the youth by helping them understand their role toward achieving democracy in the Americas.

Our Mission

To provide students and future leaders of the Americas educational and professional activities, to promote democratic values, education, economic development, and social inclusion for the strengthening of democracy in the region through tools and knowledge provided by scholars, diplomats, youth leaders and social activists.

Our Vision

To be the main organization that provides an international platform for the youth that defends democracy in the American States.